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Overcoming obstacles

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The packaging is usually the first thing the customer sees of your product. And that should be a real eye-catcher.

But packaging has far more functions than simply packaging a product in an attractive design.

Packaging is a carrier of important information. It aims to make transport easier. It also protects the packaged goods from environmental influences such as damage, contamination, aroma, light or moisture.

Fibre-based packaging can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on your requirements, we create barriers and overcome many obstacles.


 Agile, Smart, Forward Thinking

We rethink packaging for you

Predictive Order Forecasting

Based on predictive intelligence solutions, we work with you to optimise your orders based on relevant influences.

Artwork & Design

As part of a comprehensive product analysis, we check your POS brand strategy and ensure that you shine at the POS.

Packaging & Printing

Our core business is folding cartons and reel printing in gravure, offset and flexo printing.

Packaging Enhancement

We offer you high-quality finishes for your packaging, from conventional to individual, from mass to class.

360° Technical Service

Together with you, we optimise our products on site for you, thus reducing sources of error throughout your application process.

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